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Your home is your sanctuary. Let’s make sure it’s working for you


Wildflower founder and Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™, and my goal is to make sure that when you walk into a room, you feel at home and at peace. Through my signature organizing process, I’ll work with you to take your space from disjointed to optimized, so you can spend less time cleaning up (or searching for those pesky keys!), and more time enjoying the people and things that matter to you most.

I’'m Emilie Arseneau

That's Where i Come In!

It’s true, your home influences who you are, how you feel, and how you move through your days. Living in a cluttered, disorganized space can increase stress levels, reduce energy, negatively affect your mood, and more. 

Fast forward to a few years ago: I was working as a full-time flight attendant and living out of a suitcase for nearly five years. I learned what it means to live minimally, and how freeing it is to realize what you truly need to feel satisfied and prepared for the day ahead. After losing my job due to COVID, I decided to officially trade in my uniform (and my exceptionally strong snack distribution skills) for something more fulfilling: Helping others regain control of their time and space through high-quality organizing services, and achieve the same peace and satisfaction I’ve found on my own journey. Now it’s your turn to let your space blossom!


I learned what it means to live                

This business grew out of my passion for taking my own spaces from chaotic to composed. This passion came in handy when I moved into my first home: a small mobile home (10 x 35 feet to be exact!) and needed to critically examine what I had, and what I actually needed to live a happy life. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I came to enjoy my minimalist lifestyle and my new space. I took immense pride in the way my space looked and, most importantly, in the way it made me feel. 

From Flight Attendant to Founder

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The Wildflower Way


Confidentiality is at the heart of everything I do. Your space is sacred and confidential. I will only share photos or other information with your permission. 


I want you to feel seen and heard. I listen to understand first, not to answer, and realize the sensitivity required when working with your personal possessions.


I want you to feel relaxed and included in every step of the process. I’ll never get rid of items you wish to keep, only organize them in such a way that brings them structure!


The Wildflower Way


sweet words
Stephanie, St. Catharines

I had a general idea of how I wanted to organize my pantry but didnt know where to start. Emilie really helped to bring my ideas to life in an efficient and cost effective way. I cannot recommend Wildflower Professional Organizing enough for all of your organizational needs!

"I cannot recommend Wildflower Professional Organizing enough!"
Raymonde, Welland

Thank you Emilie for introducing me to your organizing skills and for helping me beautify my spice drawer and my refrigerator. Having those areas better set up in an organized way makes my cooking and functioning a lot more pleasant and efficient!

"Having those areas set up in an organized way is more pleasant & efficient"
Karlie, St. Catharines

Emilie did a lovely job organizing my tupperware cabinet. I have a very small kitchen, and she was able to fit all of my tupperware in a small space and make it look neat and tidy. Emilie is very passionate about organizing spaces, and even recommends organizational products that would help enhance your storage. I highly recommend Wildflower Professional Organizing!

"I Highly Recommend wildflower to anyone looking to organize their space!"
Linda, Welland

I am so proud of my new kitchen pantry, and hiring Emilie was so worth it! No more ugly boxes and bags all over the place. She even gave me extra tips and tricks on how to maintain other areas in my house. I am 100% satisfied and will be recommending Emilie’s services to anyone!

"The work was done professionally and in a timely manner. it was so worth it!"
Ashley, Thorold

We needed the space to have the perfect balance of a cozy bedroom and organized playroom. Emilie did just that and beyond! She organized all of her toys in specific bins, rearranged the room and furniture, and even organized the closet. I definitely recommend Emilie!

"my daughter was so happy to come home to a beautiful, organized room!"
Danette, st. Catharines

I was having difficulty getting motivated to clean out a spare room in my home. Because I am limited with my mobility, it became more and more frustrating every time I opened the door. With Emilie's guidance we got the room completely cleaned out and before I knew it I had a wonderful cozy siting room!

"She will help you purge, organize, shop and just about anything else you need done!"
Carrie, Waterdown

Emilie was fantastic to work with organizing my spare room and office. I was overwhelmed with how to organize my work space as a result of working from home. I struggled finding storage solutions for both work and personal items in this space. Emilie was thorough with her assessment of the room, how I use the space and offered effective solutions. Thank you again for all your help!

"She was thorough with her assessment of the room and offered effective solutions"