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Yes, I'm fully insured!

Are you Insured? 

I currently accept credit card, cash, and e-transfer. You have the option to pay in full or put a 50% deposit down to schedule your session on the calendar.

How do you accept payment? 

A professional organizer is someone who is certified to provide the knowledge, support, and guidance you need to declutter and organize your space. They introduce creative and unique storage solutions and systems that will make your daily life easier. When you invest in a professional organizer, you save yourself time, stress, and money in the long run.

What Is A Professional Organizer & What Are The Benefits?

I’ll need you there at the start, as I will not be able to declutter and purge properly without your approval on what stays and what goes. Once we’re past the decluttering stage and on to the organizing stage, I can do the rest on my own. If you’d prefer to be there for every step of the way, we can also work alongside each other for the entire project—it’s entirely up to you! 

Do I have to be present while you organize? 

I am constantly paying close attention to the province’s Covid-19 guidelines. Rest assured that I am committed to maintaining your safety and will take all the necessary precautions when working with clients, including wearing masks, social distancing, and regular hand-washing. Wildflower will reschedule appointments if either party has been exposed to a known Covid-19 case or has symptoms. Appointments will be rescheduled once Covid-19 test results return. 

What is your Covid-19 policy? 

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